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 cosplayeridiots - (kawaii_kenshin)
03:33pm 04/05/2009
KK posting in + c o s p l a y
List of people in my room (finalized):

List of people driving:
Rebaka's Mom (definite)
Karin (definite)
Elie (maybe)

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(no subject)
 cosplayeridiots - (vesperia)
01:13pm 18/03/2009
茉莉 posting in + c o s p l a y

We have a set date, and it's OTAKON 2010

Here's who we have:
Veigue: Annie (lady_arieta)
Mao: Kaitlan/Alex (either one of you, or both, is coo')
Eugene: ???
Annie: Deanna (shishio9)
Tytree: Yours truly ;D
Hilda: ???
Claire: ???

We.... would love a Claire... And anyone else (Agarte, 4 Stars etc) is totally welcome

ok bye
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Let's try this again.
 cosplayeridiots - (vesperia)
11:19pm 02/03/2009
茉莉 posting in + c o s p l a y


Once upon a time I played Rebirth and put together a group that fell through.

Presently I am replaying it and I HAVE REKINDLED MY MOTIVATION!

Veigue - me
Mao - ???
Eugene - ???
Annie - ??? (I will ask Deanna.)
Tytree - ???
Hilda - ???

Con not yet currently chosen. WILL MOLD TO YOUR WILL!
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P4 group update
 cosplayeridiots - (kawaii_kenshin)
11:00pm 02/03/2009
KK posting in + c o s p l a y
Updated list for P4 group:

Yukiko-Karin (Jasmine dropped out)
Naoto-Ashley (Alex dropped out)
Shadow Robot Naoto-Rebaka
Yosuke+Girl Yosuke-Andy
Rise+Bikini Shadow Rise-Elie
Shadow Rise (the technicoulour stripper one)-Ashley's friend (maelai)
Kanji+Shadow Kanji-Sean
Teddie (humanoid bear suit)-Shannon
Human Teddie-Morgan

Is this list right so far? Correct me if I'm missing something or put something down incorectly.

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Pokemon Skit for AMA?
 cosplayeridiots - (kawaii_kenshin)
11:41am 26/02/2009
KK posting in + c o s p l a y
I know we discussed this. Who is game for ACTUALLY doing it? If not the Pokemon skit, we can do the Trauma Center one (new and improved) again.

Thoughts on this?

Also, Sean, could you possibly post the list of crimes we came up with against Ash?

If you are interested in being in the skit (either one, state which) please comment here.

Hopefully a script will be generated within the next two weeks and will be up for editing. This will also lead to a character list of needed characters in which you guys may claim parts, etc.

This applies ONLY to those of us that are going to AMA this year!

Got it?

You should all also be informed of the follwoing two posts:

My room for AMA

Elie's room for AMA

These two posts will be edited periodically so check them often!

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(no subject)
 cosplayeridiots - (starscribbles)
08:03pm 25/02/2009
The Majestic Gazelle posting in + c o s p l a y
 So I'm booking a second room because there's SO FREAKING MANY OF US. Seriously guys, we're just gonna take over this con.

Room is the con hotel, Embassy Suites Hampton
Rate is 139.00 a night.
Room is Thursday-Monday

THAT MEANS. Anyone who doesn't want to go home Sunday (that's when Kaitlin checks out) you may room shuffle your way over to ours crash and leave with us Monday morning instead. Comprende? As we get an exact count of how many people are crashing on Sunday I can give a better quote per person, because we'll be splitting it up as a cost-per-day type of deal then.

TL;DR the total is $673.48 for the whole kit and kaboodle. I'm looking for 6 people maximum including myself. With the exception of Sunday night, I don't care how many stay sunday. Sunday-only crashers get the floor. ANYWAYS.

6 people w/o Sunday crashers: about $112.00 per person.
6 people w/ Sunday crashes: a lot cheaper.

CAPICHE? If I get some people to volunteer to stay in my room, even if they are maybe I will book it right now.

Kaitlin's ROOM NUMBER 1: Room of awesome.

Elie's Room
1. Elie, derp.
2. Cory

Sunday Crashers
- an illegal immigrant (Karin)

+ Sanda
+ Ashley

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AMA Room Info!
 cosplayeridiots - (kawaii_kenshin)
07:43pm 24/02/2009
KK posting in + c o s p l a y
Ok, so I have reserved our room for AMA. IF EVERYONE COULD PLEASE PAY ME WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! One of the agreements for me to reserve the room under my name/my mother's credit card was that we would be reimburst ASAP or the room would be cancelled.

EDIT: The deadline for payment is May 1rst, but the sooner, the better.

We are staying in this room:

We check in at 3pm Thursday and check-out at Noon on Sunday.

The total for the room is $454.26 for the whole weekend (this includes tax).

The room is 465 square feet and is a two-room, two-double bed suite, with a microwave and mini-fridge included. EDIT: It also has a sleeper sofa so I'm guessing that at least 6 people will have beds.

So far the definites are:
( MY ROOM IS NOW FULL! go check with elie and see if you can stay in her room)

Other Maybes who want a room:

EDIT: So far we have 7 comfirmed people. Thus, the price for each person is $65 to cover the entire weekend! (6 people would have been` $76 a person). (If we get an 8th person then the price will be $57).

I WILL NOT be accepting any new people into the room after March. Thus, whether the price is high for 4 people or low for 8 people is up to you. If you want to be in the room, let me know ASAP!

The maximum amount of people allowed to stay in the room is 8. First come, first serve (commitment is needed).

(more will be made closer to the date)
*Everyone gets their own area of the room. KEEP YOUR STUFF THERE AND SOMEWHAT ORGANIZED.
*No one in the room that I haven't approved as I am responsible for any damages. Not sure? Talk to me.
*No money? YOU CAN'T STAY! I'm sorry, but there will be no freeloading.

We still need to figure out transportation. Can anyone else help me
with that?
EDIT: Transporation so far:
Karin (car)
Rebaka's family (car)

Elie is creating a second room for those who aren't staying with me, but want to go (though I'm still hoping for 7-8 people in my room), The post regarding that is here: http://community.livejournal.com/cosplayeridiots/19360.html

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(no subject)
 cosplayeridiots - (vesperia)
09:34pm 23/02/2009
茉莉 posting in + c o s p l a y
Hey guys,

I went ahead and went through all entries and tagged them. However in the interest of organization, I kindly ask you to not add them once you post. I know there's a way to disable this but I can't find that right now, I'll get to it later.

But you are free to say who you are when you post. You'll notice through each post you'll see "![name]", that is the poster. Also go ahead and tag whatever conventions you tag in your post--important ones, at least. Things like, "I am planning to go to AMA and Otakon and possibly poopcon this summer" mentioned in passing aren't very worth the tag. However! If we suddenly decide to go to poopcon then the following post discussing it in length will receive the poopcon tag. If you want me to tag anything specifically go ahead and leave me a note in your post.

Some interesting things I've noticed while tagging:
The majority of the 'miscellaneous' entries have been posted by Claire (HAHA WHO'S THE LOSER NOW??).
Katsucon is the most discussed convention.
Symphonia was the most discussed group.
We do a lot of group planning.
Jasmine does the most posting. (followed by Sean, Kaitlan, Claire, and Val. Everyone else has 1 post)
Tales of Rebirth was talked about multiple times but never happened.
We like to plan 2 years well in advance.

That's all...
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AMA weekend plans
 cosplayeridiots - (kawaii_kenshin)
02:58pm 23/02/2009
KK posting in + c o s p l a y
I'm going to go ahead and reserve ONE room for 3 days (thursday, friday, saturday nights). The total for the weekend will be $402+tax for the weekend. Our target amount of peopel for the room is 6-8.

So far the definites are:

Please RSVP ASAP! :x

Now, this is our current MAJOR problem; we need two drivers. As you all know, the car that I use suffered an accident and I don't have my own. I really need two people to volunteer to drive. So far the people who I know drive currently in our group are Rachael, Suzanne, and Andy. If anyone's parents are willing to drive us, that works too. This is REALLY important as if we can't get transportaion, we can't go (and public transportation won't work with ours cosplays, art, etc).

So far our plan is to try to do the pokemon skit there. Hopefully we can all get together within the next two weekends to plan it out so that we can register a spot in the masq.

Beach week info hasn't changed since my last post in this comm. We need to get moving on that.

Any other issues anyone wants to bring up?

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 cosplayeridiots - (saintcurio)
11:13pm 22/02/2009
saintcurio posting in + c o s p l a y

I just remembered about the art table at AMA that we were (And I'm pretty sure still are) planning on getting, and out of curiosity I hit up their website to see how you'd register to get it and how much it would cost and stuff.

Except, well,

I'm going to shoot off an email to them to get on the waiting list right now, so that there's still a pretty good chance we'll get a table, since some people have got to be dropping off between now and June.

It's only 30 bucks for the table, so regardless of who's doing what or whatever at this point, for all intents and purposes, we're going to be reserving the table. If someone speaks up and says we aren't doing it after all, they haven't demanded money of me yet, and it shouldn't be too hard to say that we don't need the reservation-for-a-reservation anymore.


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